The Crap you kids buy….

Pin up21032018_2.jpg

An actual ‘back of the magazine’ ad copy from 1938.  Look at the enticing stuff!  And yes, the famous LIVE BABY ALLIGATOR!   Now you know how these things ended up in the New York Sewers, along with the Turtles, Horny Toads, Chameleons, and god knows what else.  This little gem, right smack in the middle of the depression, shows that even during bad times, we had to have our useless crap.  Good luck skull rings (what teenage boy doesn’t want THAT), a blank cartridge pistol for the budding gangster, “French” photo ring (code for dirty pictures back in the day) for good ole dad to share with the boys at the lodge, along with a ‘fan dance’ flip book.   Likely a Tijuana Bible (look THAT one up in your Funk and Wagnalls LOL) that Uncle Bob and Dad could flip in the garage while drinking a few beers after a long day at the plant.  Or on the unemployment line.  The possibilities are endless.

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