Yummy poison filters for Lunch!


I mean, who DOESN’T want to knosh on a GRAND discovery?  Liver loaf.  Read that again….LIVER LOAF.  Hot OR cold!   With yummy other animal parts as well, like bone marrow, dinosaur vein sections, and creamed something-or-other.   You do know, of course, that the liver is the animals, (and OURS) poison filter, right?  In other words, the liver catches all the ‘bad’ stuff before it gets to the rest of the body, (somehow or another, blah blah blah science), and filters them out.   So, what do we do?  We are going to EAT the damn things.   Never mind what gods awful crap might be floating in there, just fry it up and serve!  Or hell, grab a big ole spoon and schlop some right on the plate, cold.  Don’t bitch, people overseas are starving.

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