Get an ASTRONAUT body in no time!

Astronaut TOUGH, that is what you’ll be.  DARE YOU risk a dime???  Minutes a day will make you into THIS guy!   Then again, lets hope so.  If it makes you into the sunken stomach man in the middle of the ad, all you’ll be good for is the Carnival freak show, Percy.   Ben Rebhuhn.  I don’t think he was an astronaut.  He sure isn’t the one in the background in the full space suit…..that looks like something out of ‘Forbidden Planet’ or an even cheaper movie.  I don’t even think ole Ben could FIT into a spacesuit, with that chest!    Well, send in your dime, Percy.  What have you got to loose?  You want to look like an Astronaut, don’t you??  And eat your liver.  Neil Armstrong did.  Astronaut

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