Vintage Radio TV

Radio Days!

Some days I just like to show the folks back home, out there on the interwebz, what the ole folks used fer entertainment.  You know, back when Dino-sauuurs walked the earth, and we had to go kill our rayons and skin the naugahyde to make couches and such.

Radio TV news 51 Store.jpgNow, this fellow owns a radio-TV store so this is what that would look like in 1951.  The ads would, of course, be brightly colored and attractive.  The gear on that center shelf is barely above cavemen clapping one rock to another, but it was needed to figure out what was wrong with your set or unit.  The rest of the stuff was for the regular user.  And the old cardboard shown here is now worth far more than the old radios and doo-dads on the shelves.

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