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Radio Dispatched Police! Ohio State Highway Patrol Console & Operator

Oh State Patrol Dispatch.jpgNow, THIS is how they rolled in Ohio in the fall of 1951.  No CAD (Computer aided Dispatch), no headsets, no nothing.   And manual typewriters.   Back when I was the Po-Lice, we would tell our Dispatchers “Start me a card for….” when we wanted to record an incident, traffic stop, etc.  If Dispatch ‘sent’ us someplace, a ‘card’ was already started.  THIS is where that lingo came from, or something just like it.  It was, literally, a CARD, handwritten or sometimes (not very often) typed.  From there the dispatcher would put down whatever information you told them too.   And citizens had the ability to tune in right from their home radios!  No encrypted or scrambled stuff back then, it was all ‘in the clear’.    Pretty cool, huh?

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