Vintage Mens Magazines

REAL Men read this. Or did. Back when MEN were, in fact….well, MEN.

Back when men went to the barbershop for a haircut.  When men of a certain age spoke of ‘The War’, and everyone knew they meant ‘2’.  As in World War Two.  Went and kicked some Nazi or Japanese ASS, that we did.  Yeah.  *snort*.  And when we plopped our butts down at the barbershop for the mandatory whitewall haircut brushcut (no long hair ‘bohemian’ crap here, no sir), we picked up a magazine just like this.  Maybe even one that showed some hot Asian gal or French hoochy mama, like we remember from that time in Paris or Manila.  BEFORE we got back home and married and settled down and had a kid and a mortgage and the lawn and the house and all that damn tupperware all over the place.  Geez.  And now the little woman is wanting to get a new washer and a new sofa (just what the hell is wrong with the old stuff??) because the Smith’s just got one.  Pass me a Camel, will ya?  Yeah, I’ll be at the Legion later for a few beers.  Man to Man Nude mailman.jpg And of course, the cover art only has a very vague connection to the stories inside.  Which, believe it or not (I own this complete magazine) are non fiction, (mostly) articles of, what else, war stories and other ‘man’ pursuits.  The accidents article, for example, just tells you that you can get paid damages in a civil suit for loss of ‘relations’.  The Nude mailman is a true story about a WWI British Vet who jumped ship and became an assistant postmaster on an island on the Tonga chain.   Gunmen in the bedroom?  Pimp in Leadville Colorado in the Wild West, 1880’s gets bullied by some local drunks, who abuse his prostitutes and him, and he then comes back and kills them all with a shotgun. Good ole American fun.

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