Photos and People

A real live Gibson Girl! Beauty never fades!

Gibson Girl.jpg

I am a firm believer that beauty is beauty just for its own sake.  And this young lady, her photo taken in the early part of the century by the looks of it, and her hair and clothing, is one beautiful woman.   Her hair is classic for the era as are the pince nez glasses.  She is in profile and wearing her best, with a cameo at her neck.  The photographer, whom I assume is Wilson, but I’ve no real idea, did an excellent job in capturing her.  She might have just stepped from the gangplank of the Titantic, or walked out of a store in a small town, or a large one.  But she is striking nonetheless.  As a dealer in ephemera (old paper crap LOL) it always amazes me as to what there is to find.  And admire.  I keep very little of what I gather, but this is something I’m going to hang on to for awhile.  I wish I knew her name, and her story.  But, like most regular people, who just live their lives and do their daily thing, history has passed her by, and only this brief image in time remains to capture her, in all her beauty, and in glorious youth.  That is how she shall forever remain.

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