Vintage Radio TV

1978 and you can WIN A ROBOT! Just like R2D2. Sorta.

This is the back cover of Fantastic Films Magazine, July 1978.  At the dawn of time, when people thought ROBOTS would look like, well, ‘robots’ and not people, and haven’t even HEARD of CGI, Industrial Light and Magic are still working out of a crummy warehouse with beat up couches, and Pixar studios doesn’t exist, you could send in (by mail…yes, mail) your entry form, and stand a chance to win this ‘R2D2 TYPE’ Remote controlled Robot.  Just imagine the fever dreams THIS ad caused all the nerds back in the day.  And while I didn’t own this magazine at the time….I would have been just as WOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! to get my hot little Dungeon Master fingers on this bad boy.  Pin up08042018.jpg

It todays modern age, it looks positively quaint.  Like an elementary school kids 4th place science project.  With a total cost of 40 bucks, maybe more, if you had to buy the trash can and castor wheels new.

How times have changed.   Indeed.  And check out the rules.

I wonder who won, and whatever became of this Robot?  I’d like to hope it never reverted back to a trash bin on wheels.   Perhaps it rests silently in some suburban garage or basement, just waiting for the right person to make it come alive again.


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