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Wooo! Get your hair back the 1905 way! Or get a big ole headache. While NOT looking cool. Not at all..

Pin up13052018

If you read the ad….this is one gigantic SUCTION CUP that attaches to your head.  I am guessing electrical powered?   Man…talk about a chrome dome.   The only thing this would give the poor sap is a headache.   Ah well, at least he could pop down to the local pharmacy and get a couple ounces of morphine.   Yeah, he has more issues than being bald….   The crap we men buy……  Sigh…

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1978 and you can WIN A ROBOT! Just like R2D2. Sorta.

This is the back cover of Fantastic Films Magazine, July 1978.  At the dawn of time, when people thought ROBOTS would look like, well, ‘robots’ and not people, and haven’t even HEARD of CGI, Industrial Light and Magic are still working out of a crummy warehouse with beat up couches, and Pixar studios doesn’t exist, you could send in (by mail…yes, mail) your entry form, and stand a chance to win this ‘R2D2 TYPE’ Remote controlled Robot.  Just imagine the fever dreams THIS ad caused all the nerds back in the day.  And while I didn’t own this magazine at the time….I would have been just as WOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! to get my hot little Dungeon Master fingers on this bad boy.  Pin up08042018.jpg

It todays modern age, it looks positively quaint.  Like an elementary school kids 4th place science project.  With a total cost of 40 bucks, maybe more, if you had to buy the trash can and castor wheels new.

How times have changed.   Indeed.  And check out the rules.

I wonder who won, and whatever became of this Robot?  I’d like to hope it never reverted back to a trash bin on wheels.   Perhaps it rests silently in some suburban garage or basement, just waiting for the right person to make it come alive again.


Photos and People

A real live Gibson Girl! Beauty never fades!

Gibson Girl.jpg

I am a firm believer that beauty is beauty just for its own sake.  And this young lady, her photo taken in the early part of the century by the looks of it, and her hair and clothing, is one beautiful woman.   Her hair is classic for the era as are the pince nez glasses.  She is in profile and wearing her best, with a cameo at her neck.  The photographer, whom I assume is Wilson, but I’ve no real idea, did an excellent job in capturing her.  She might have just stepped from the gangplank of the Titantic, or walked out of a store in a small town, or a large one.  But she is striking nonetheless.  As a dealer in ephemera (old paper crap LOL) it always amazes me as to what there is to find.  And admire.  I keep very little of what I gather, but this is something I’m going to hang on to for awhile.  I wish I knew her name, and her story.  But, like most regular people, who just live their lives and do their daily thing, history has passed her by, and only this brief image in time remains to capture her, in all her beauty, and in glorious youth.  That is how she shall forever remain.

Vintage Mens Magazines

REAL Men read this. Or did. Back when MEN were, in fact….well, MEN.

Back when men went to the barbershop for a haircut.  When men of a certain age spoke of ‘The War’, and everyone knew they meant ‘2’.  As in World War Two.  Went and kicked some Nazi or Japanese ASS, that we did.  Yeah.  *snort*.  And when we plopped our butts down at the barbershop for the mandatory whitewall haircut brushcut (no long hair ‘bohemian’ crap here, no sir), we picked up a magazine just like this.  Maybe even one that showed some hot Asian gal or French hoochy mama, like we remember from that time in Paris or Manila.  BEFORE we got back home and married and settled down and had a kid and a mortgage and the lawn and the house and all that damn tupperware all over the place.  Geez.  And now the little woman is wanting to get a new washer and a new sofa (just what the hell is wrong with the old stuff??) because the Smith’s just got one.  Pass me a Camel, will ya?  Yeah, I’ll be at the Legion later for a few beers.  Man to Man Nude mailman.jpg And of course, the cover art only has a very vague connection to the stories inside.  Which, believe it or not (I own this complete magazine) are non fiction, (mostly) articles of, what else, war stories and other ‘man’ pursuits.  The accidents article, for example, just tells you that you can get paid damages in a civil suit for loss of ‘relations’.  The Nude mailman is a true story about a WWI British Vet who jumped ship and became an assistant postmaster on an island on the Tonga chain.   Gunmen in the bedroom?  Pimp in Leadville Colorado in the Wild West, 1880’s gets bullied by some local drunks, who abuse his prostitutes and him, and he then comes back and kills them all with a shotgun. Good ole American fun.

Vintage Radio TV

Lauren Bacall and Salty Marine NCO’s…Rare pic

This one hasn’t been published much, or at all, since it was first done in Leatherneck Magazine, 1952Lauren with Marines.jpg

These Marines are both veterans, for sure of the Korean War and the one on the right (her left) of both wars.  And Miz Bacall, who is probably in her late 20’s early 30’s  at the time, looks like she is genuinely having a good time!    The Girl They’d Like Most to Have a Bold Venture With!!  She was starring in the radio show Bold Venture.   She starred in that program with Humphrey Bogart and it ran from 1951-1952.   The two Marines are SSgt L. A. Capozzoli and MSgt O’Donoghue.   I just think the pic is cool as hell!

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Radio Dispatched Police! Ohio State Highway Patrol Console & Operator

Oh State Patrol Dispatch.jpgNow, THIS is how they rolled in Ohio in the fall of 1951.  No CAD (Computer aided Dispatch), no headsets, no nothing.   And manual typewriters.   Back when I was the Po-Lice, we would tell our Dispatchers “Start me a card for….” when we wanted to record an incident, traffic stop, etc.  If Dispatch ‘sent’ us someplace, a ‘card’ was already started.  THIS is where that lingo came from, or something just like it.  It was, literally, a CARD, handwritten or sometimes (not very often) typed.  From there the dispatcher would put down whatever information you told them too.   And citizens had the ability to tune in right from their home radios!  No encrypted or scrambled stuff back then, it was all ‘in the clear’.    Pretty cool, huh?

Vintage Radio TV

Radio Days!

Some days I just like to show the folks back home, out there on the interwebz, what the ole folks used fer entertainment.  You know, back when Dino-sauuurs walked the earth, and we had to go kill our rayons and skin the naugahyde to make couches and such.

Radio TV news 51 Store.jpgNow, this fellow owns a radio-TV store so this is what that would look like in 1951.  The ads would, of course, be brightly colored and attractive.  The gear on that center shelf is barely above cavemen clapping one rock to another, but it was needed to figure out what was wrong with your set or unit.  The rest of the stuff was for the regular user.  And the old cardboard shown here is now worth far more than the old radios and doo-dads on the shelves.